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Ryan’s Outpost

Tim and Sandy Ryan, Proprietors

Est. 1968

Our business consists of:

  • 15 Mobile Home Spaces
  • Commercial Rentals:
    • Applegate Valley Dental
    • Café Ruch
    • Ruch Hardware
    • Tif’s Trading Post

Ryan's Outpost as it appeared from 1968 through the mid 70s


Bob and Elma Christean began building here during the 50s. Tony, Virginia, Tim and Sandy Ryan established Ryan’s Outpost when they purchased the property in September, 1968. In the years since, Ryan’s Outpost has provided opportunities to offer many services to our neighbors in Ruch, Oregon and the greater community throughout the beautiful Applegate Valley. When purchased by the Ryans, the business consisted of:

15 Mobile Home Spaces
Mom and Pop Grocery Store and Lunch Counter
Gas Station and Lube Room
Self Service Laundry
4 bedroom residence above the store and lube room

Ryan's Outpost History Slide 2 - 1968


Ryan’s Outpost operating hours were from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm during the summer, closing earlier in the winter. Does anyone remember Kitty Faye at the lunch counter and Pete Millsaps at the laundry—and everywhere else—during that time? And then there were the ever-present Tony and Virginia in the store. Tim ran the lube room and Sandy was the bookkeeper.


In the early years, logging and farming were prominent in the Applegate Valley, and between 1968 and 1979 our business grew.  To better serve our customers, we expanded the services we offered:

  • Lunch counter was removed and grocery store was expanded
  • Auto and heavy equipment repair shop was added, including a tire repair shop (Outpost Garage)
  • An auto parts store was added  (Applegate Valley Parts and Machine)
  • Ron’s Market, (now Ruch Country Store) was built, so the Mom and Pop Grocery Store reduced the groceries and added hardware, sporting goods, and clothing.

A side note to those of you who know Tiffany Ryan: Tiffany started working in the store and pumping gas when she was 9 years old.



In the late 70s elements of the business started to change. Logging was on its way out and the Oregon economy was slowing. Gas sales plummeted as the gasoline was rationed. Remember the gas lines? The Outpost Garage business was down.

With four kids to support, things were getting a little shaky in Oregon, but California was booming in Tim’s industry. His old employer kept calling, and finally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. So, in 1979, Tim and Sandy relocated “temporarily”—which apparently meant 20 years—moving to Long Beach, CA.

Ryan's Outpost - 1968 Fire








Tim started his new job in California and the move was in progress when the store building caught fire. The fire burned the entire roof and caused extensive damage to the apartment. The only thing that saved the building was the efforts of the volunteer firemen…







Ryan's Outpost - Ruch volunteer fire department fire truck








…Oh yes, the volunteer firemen. Ryan’s Outpost housed and manned volunteers and the first fire truck in Ruch. The truck was provided by Grants Pass Rural Fire Department.

With Tim and Sandy’s departure, Tony and Virginia were left to operate the business themselves. Things had to change. Tony and Virginia decided to manage the mobile home park and laundry, while the remaining buildings were leased to new businesses.





1979–1984: Common Ground, a local co-op, leased the store and gas pumps, and named it Outpost General Store. The business featured local and natural food products, introduced a deli, and sold gas.  From 1979 through 2004 it was lovingly known locally as “The Hippy Store.”

1984–1995: Valley Country Store continued offering local and natural food products. During this time, the gas pumps were closed.

In 1993 the gasoline tanks were removed.

1995–2002: Ruch Natural Foods & Deli continued to offer local and natural food products, opened a deli and added a bakery service.

2002–2004: A new owner continued the local and natural foods and deli, but the bakery service was dropped.


2004–2008: A remodel of the store created an Italian dining establishment, Auntie Pasta, and a postal service, Ruch Services.  During this time, the building was divided into NE and SE Units, and Auntie Pasta closed.

2009–2010: After a remodel of the SE unit of the building, Tiffany Ryan created an eating establishment. The eatery featured pizza and also included breakfast, sandwiches and soups.  She added tap beer and camping supplies, tagged it “Beans, Bullets and Beer” and named it the Outpost Adventure.

2010: Another remodel to the SE unit created Café Ruch. The handmade pizza, breakfast, lunch and dinner, tap and boutique beers, and convenience store items continued, but bullet sales were dropped.


2007–2014: Cowboy Flowers opened for business in the NE unit of the store building. Cowboy Flowers provided flower arrangements, plants, gift items and local art.

2014 thru today: The NE unit of the building is an antique/collectable store, Tif’s Trading Post, established and managed by Tiffany Ryan.

This 60-plus-year-old building continues a tradition of service to the community. Stay tuned.

Applegate Valley Dentists office at Ryan's Outpost, Ruch, Oregon


In 1983, William Christofferson, DDS leased the self-service laundry. He then converted it into a dentist office, Ruch Dental.

In 2000, a complete remodel of the dentist office occurred.  At that time Dr. Christofferson, DDS was still the dentist and remained so until his passing in 2015.

2015 to present: The dental business was purchased and renamed Applegate Valley Dental, continuing local dental services to the valley.

Outpost Farm & Garden in 2002, with owner Tiffany Ryan and friend


Over the years from 1979 through 2001, the shop building was used for many different businesses. There was a metal shop, a woodworking shop, a sign shop and most notably it served for a time as a shelter for the newly established Applegate Valley Fire District fire truck.

A small trailer that the Outpost Garage used as an office was parked next to the shop building. During the 80s the forest workers organization used the trailer for their office.

In 2001, Tiffany Ryan opened Outpost Farm and Garden, a feed and seed store.

We added new building in 2007. This allowed us to expand the feed and seed (now hardware) store.

In 2015, Tiffany changed the name to Ruch Hardware. She is currently in the process of expanding the services Ruch Hardware supplies.


While in Long Beach, Tim Ryan founded an engineering company called Rytech, Inc. Sandy Ryan worked as Human Resources Manager for Ebasco Services, an engineering/construction company. After 20 years, Tim and Sandy decided to return to Ruch. Tim sold his business, and in April of 2000 their return to Ruch was finally realized.



Ryan's Outpost mobile home park

Mobile Home Park

Ryan’s Outpost offers 15 mobile home spaces for rent. More information HERE.

Ryan's Outpost business rentals

Business Rentals

Ryan’s Outpost offers commercial spaces for rent. Currently all spaces are occupied.


Ryan's Outpost Featured Business - Café Ruch

Café Ruch

Café Ruch offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a friendly atmosphere. They have their complete menu posted on their Facebook page and get great reviews. Contact them at 541-702-7220

Ryan's Outpost Featured Business - Ruch Hardware

Ruch Hardware

Ruch Hardware has served the Applegate Valley community for nearly 15 years. Over the years, our business has evolved with the changing economy & the needs of the community. Learn more on THIS PAGE. We are going strong and continue to work hard to provide folks with a generous inventory and outstanding service. Call us at 541-899-1113.


Ryan's Outpost Featured Business - Tif's Trading Post

Tif’s Trading Post

Tif’s Trading Post is a consignment shop offering a wide variety of items from building supplies and power tools to collectibles, curiosities, and treasures made by Applegate Valley artisans. Learn more on THIS PAGE. Call us at 541-899-1113.

Ryan's Outpost Featured Business - Applegate Valley Dental, Inc.

Applegate Valley Dental

Applegate Valley Dental is home to the practice of dentists Dr. Tom Brooks, DMD and Dr. Micheal Boldt, DMD. Learn more on THIS PAGE. Call their office at 541-899-7824 to make appointments.

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